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Dean Evans

Personal Trainer

Max Prestwood

Personal Trainer

Chris Thatcher

Personal Trainer


I'm Dean, a personal trainer based at Winners 2000 in Paignton. I have a Foundation Degree in Exercise Science and Fitness, which includes the Wright Foundation GP Referral qualification, and I am currently working on a Precision Nutrition Qualification as my on-going personal development. I have worked and trained in Gyms for over Six years and have acquired a wide range of skills and techniques, working with many different abilities both young and old.

If you have tried before to make changes to your health and body, but not seen the results you want, it doesn’t mean you failed, it means you never had the right advice and right support. Try it one more time, this time with me, with the right advice and right support you too can be seeing changes on a day by day basis. Right now I am working with someone just like you, who wants the same things you do, and they are moving closer to those goals every day.


Hi, my name is Max Prestwood and I am a personal trainer and class instructor based at Winners 2000 Ltd in Paignton. I have been working with many clients over the past few years who have achieved some life changing results. I believe in changing clients long term health which can have positive effects on body composition, your general lifestyle, and also performance. From my own past experience of injuries in sport and understanding of  how frustrating and life changing this can be, I am committed to working with Pulse Therapy to enhance your return to play and fitness goals.


Along with the gym side of things, I have a huge passion for football, in which I have helped players become fitter and stronger to aid their performance. Let's set a plan, work hard, feel great, and see results.


Hi, I am Chris. I have been training for fitness and body composition for 14 years, combining weights and cardiovascular work in my daily and weekly routines. My enthusiasm and commitment to training hard and eating well are stronger than ever after all these years.

I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge and help others try and achieve their goals so I decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and can honestly say it has been a great path to take. Seeing other people change their lives brings such a huge sense of job satisfaction, day in and day out.

I have studied hard to gain my national diploma in Sports Science and graduated with Distinction. Since then I developed my training skills, with athletes in the sporting world to become a GB fitness advanced gym instructor and a GB fitness advanced nutritionist. It's great to see patients progress through rehabilitation and engage in their sport again. Let's do it the right way and return better, stronger, faster!