Pulse Performance terms and conditions.


1.    We provide membership based on a minimum term of three calendar months, and correspondingly a minimum of three payments via SumUp. 


2.    You may cancel at any time (subject to any minimum membership term selected) by providing one month’s notice in writing (to info@pulsetherapy.co.uk or by post to the Pulse Therapy address as specified on our website)



3.    Membership options (length and frequency of sessions) cannot be changed part way through your selected membership period. If you wish to lengthen a session or add more sessions you may do so by paying a top-up at the same reduced rate as your membership package. 


4.    If you wish to permanently alter your membership options (having selected an indefinite membership period) you may do so by cancelling (in accordance with term 2), and initiating a new membership package with your new chosen options. 


5.    If you do not use your treatments within each month, fail to arrive for an appointment or fail to give us sufficient notice to cancel or re-arrange (12 hours as per the standard booking terms and conditions), then un-used sessions will be sacrificed and may not be carried over into future months (without prior agreement confirmed in writing).


6.    Bookings for sessions within your membership options must be made via the Pulse Therapy online booking system, or by phone.  It is recommended to book sessions at least three days in advance to ensure availability to suit your needs.  Reasonable requests to reschedule sessions at short notice, or within the last week of a month will be accommodated where possible, but due to a busy clinic diary this cannot be guaranteed.


7.    If you need to suspend your treatment for a time (for example, for a holiday or due to injury) you may do so by informing us with reasonable notice.  Your monthly payment will continue as normal but deferred sessions may be used at the end of your membership period, within the same time period as the deferral.


8.    If you should become unable to use your treatment options for more than one month, membership should be cancelled in accordance with term 2.


9.    Should you become permanently unable to use your treatment options for reasons beyond your control (for example through serious injury or illness) any monies taken for unusable sessions will be returned, from the date we are informed of your circumstances.


10. Treatment sessions within membership packages are non-transferrable, and may only be used by the individual named on the sign-up form.  If you are paying for another individual then the person to be treated must be named on the sign-up form, however a different individual may make payment (i.e. gift membership).


11. Discounts offered with our partner retailers are as good will gestures, and are not to be extended to friends or relatives of members.  To use your discounts orders should be placed through Pulse Therapy and paid for in advance of our placing the order. We will complete the order with our suppliers and products will be delivered directly to your specified address.  Suppliers have requested us to deal with discounted orders to ensure validity, however your contract of sale remains with the supplier directly, and you will be provided with direct order confirmation and receipts.


12. If you choose to start your membership part way through a calendar month, you only have until the end of that month to use your treatment options.


13. Should you wish to start immediately, however know you cannot use all your sessions before month end, choose the "start next month" option and pay the reduced fee for any treatments direct to your therapist before your first billing cycle.


14. Memberships, which are cancelled ahead of schedule by patients, will place your account on stop until the outstanding balance has cleared. 


15. Memberships, which fail to clear on a billing cycle, will be given the opportunity to pay before their next treatment session. Failure to do so will result in a stop placed on the account. Prepayment will then need to be made in line with condition 14.

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