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Whilst we completely  embrace the concept of physical activity for both physical and mental well-being, we also want you to know what you are getting into fitness-wise!!

This area of the website is a free resource, giving some advice on fitness areas that will be challenged in the activity of your choice. Being prepared and understanding oversights or misunderstandings made by others can help minimise our own risk of injury. Below is a library of diverse activities reflecting where we live (that will grow over time) to support a smooth transition into a new physical activity.

Soft tissue injuries are a result of  of 4 possible causes: Overuse, Misuse, Disuse or Abuse (normally when the force applied to the body is too great for it to withstand, leading to a fracture for example) of our musculature. By having a greater understanding of the demands of any given activity, we can reduce the risk of injury.

Just click on the name of the activity you are interested in to be taken to the relevant article. 

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