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K m (September 2021)


"Chris is absolutely fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Pulse Therapy and already have. His knowledge is outstanding the facilities and cleanliness is excellent. He has helped me so much."

John Adams (September 2021)


"I have no hesitation in recommending Pulse Therapy: care, consideration and kindness are at the forefront of Chris' approach. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in his field and is always keen to explain clearly what and where he thinks the problem is and what is needed to put things right.


After just one session of treatment, the seemingly intractable problem and pain with my knee movement was massively improved. And now, after a few more weeks I am immensely grateful to be back walking normally, driving and climbing stairs...and to be pain free! Thank you!"



Tony Pithers (September 2021)


"Chris is a great physio. Over the last year or so he has sorted two longterm problems. He genuinely cares about your wellbeing and the followup service is superb. I would definitely recommend him."



Alexander Scillitoe (August 2021)


"Everything about the experience was 5*. I've moved to Plymouth and I still go to him as I won't go anywhere else! Can't speak highly enough of Chris."



Amanda Jackson (August 2021)


"Chris was able to take me through a series of exercises to fully understand what was wrong with my neck and shoulder along with asking questions and fully listening to me he was able to give me advice on what I should do moving forward. The massage and hands on manipulation worked fantastically well. I highly recommend Chris (in fact I have already recommended Chris to family and friends) if you want someone who will listen to you and make you feel at ease whilst professionally helping you with your pain or limited movement, Chris is definitely your man!!!"



Kathryn Corrall (August 2021)


"I have been seeing Chris at Pulse Therapy for about a uyear now, and have been consistently impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and the quality of the service provided. I do a lot of sport, but mainly swimming. I initially went to see Chris as I had some general muscle fatigue and pain in my shoulders and back, and he was incredibly helpful from the start.


He's a great sports physio, and I have since seen him for any issues that arise in general. He's always happy to listen to what your problem is, and then diagnose and explain in detail what's causing that issue. He also offers further aftercare in the form of things like taping up various muscles should that be required! Chris is always very thorough and really works with you to address what's causing the issues, which is great.


The therapy space is clean and bright, as well. Chris is a great physio and the service at Pulse Therapy is top-notch. I'm moving away from the area in September and wish I could take Pulse Therapy with me!!!!"



Anna Snell (August 2021)


"So friendly and worth every penny.  I wouldn't go anywhere else and its 30 miles from home."



Lewis Rowden (August 2021)


"Chris is an amazing physio. He is excellent at analysing and curing aches and pains, and causing a great deal of enjoyable pain with his elbow during deep tissue massages!


Plus, he's great at dedicating his attention to your problems and needs. For example, through pain in my adductor muscle he accurately diagnosed that the cause of this injury was my incorrect form whilst doing sit-ups. He showed me how to correct my form and  this has now prevented a previously re-occurring injury.


I have visited multiple physios over the years and Chris is unquestionably the best. I cannot recommend him highly enough."



Joe Speake (August 2021)


"Chris is one of the best physiotherapists I have met. He certainly knows what he is talking about and quickly and effectively sorted out my longstanding problem. He is very approachable and willing to think outside the box. The facilities at Devon Hills are excellent and you would be hard pressed to find anywhere better in the South West."



Peter Rouse (August 2021)


"Chris Lander is a consummate professional. Always polite, empathetic, patient and kind, especially when he has to cause discomfort during treatment. I have, over many years of sports activity, had treatment for injuries as well as persistent problems that I have not dealt with sooner. Chris ranks among the very best of those who have treated me and his after care support is second to none. I can recommend Chris unreservedly."



Andy Wilson (August 2021)


"I have had an ongoing issue with pain in my lower back, hips and knees, due to wear and tear through physical work. 

I went to see Chris, who was recommended to me by a friend, and after just one session, I was able to move freely again and without pain. He had a very thorough and thoughtful approach to treatment. I received trigger point therapy, which at the time felt like torture, but ultimately has worked miracles on my troublesome areas.

I can totally recommend Pulse Therapy to anyone who has difficulty with movement and pain."

Rebecca Carr (August 2021)


"Chris is absolutely fantastic and I recommend him highly. His knowledge of the human body is unbelievable and he has helped me SO much. He is always willing to make time for his clients and will fit you in however best he can, if he knows you are struggling. For example, I am a teacher and he made sure to come in early to fit me in prior to school.

He explains everything in a clear and understandable way (with some rather imaginative metaphors ha!) so you leave knowing what's actually going on to cause pain or discomfort and he gives you various methods to help at home too.

I enjoy my sessions with Chris as he is fab to talk to and it is easy and comfortable to be honest with him throughout the entirety of the sessions. I will be moving back to Plymouth soon but I will most certainly still make the journey to Paignton to see him when I need it- I haven't ever experienced a professional with such genuine care for his clients as Chris!"

James Blacklock (July 2021)


"Easy to book, excellent facilities and an outstanding service that was tailored to my specific need and addressed my injury accurately with a wide range of targeted treatments. Following up from my treatment I was provided with an easy to follow rehab plan that I followed carefully and successfully, allowing me to gain good strength again and be injury free!

I have no reservations in recommending Pulse Therapy to anyone and will certainly be booking again in the future."



Tim Hann (June 2021)


"Chris worked to complete success with my long-running injury. He is professional, clearly knowledgeable, friendly and thorough in initial assessments and in discussing progress each following session. His sessions allow plenty of time, combining really effective therapeutic/sports massage with coaching in strengthening and stretching exercises to do between each session, and following up by emailing very clear illustrated instructions. Unique in my long experience of injuries and therapists, he also drops an email between each session to check all is well. Excellent service that solved the problem. Can't recommend highly enough."



Marie-June Hull (February 2021)


"Chris Lander at Pulse Therapy has been incredibly helpful in supporting my husband with a shattered knee, referring him to someone who could provide a custom-made brace and also providing him with exercises to help with rehabilitation. Thank you Chris, I would warmly recommend you."

Paul Hunkin (December 2020)


"Due to the quite bad neck pains I was getting I was recommended to have some physiotherapy and Chris was recommended to me. The treatment I received was first class, Chris was very thorough- he explained everything he was doing and would always follow-up on any treatment. My neck is  much better thanks to the help and professionalism of his work."

Capt. ‘Spud’ Williams – Representative Principal Secretary British Army Rugby League (December 2020)


"When I first met Chris (Lander), he was working as an associate for the Hurt Locker, a company that has supplied the British Army Rugby League with a number of therapists. During the Challenge Cup competition Chris started to work with my representative team and from the outset, there was something about him that just made sense! He generally cared about the wellbeing for each of the players, asking the right questions, not taking the bait and understanding the Army banter from the off – a genuine bloke that made a significant impact.

A professional, dedicated and extremely knowledge therapist that had the players’ best interests at heart. He spent time during training to understand the individual needs of each player, tailoring the therapy needed pre-game, to deliver the player with the confidence and the state of mind to take the field of play. Throughout the match, Chris was on and off the pitch making decision under pressure, communicating effectively with the players and coaching staff and delivering effective medical results.


As we progressed throughout the competition, Chris become a vital cog in our team, no Chris no team – this was reciprocated by the Lander family as a whole; when Chris missed his own wife’s birthday (with her blessing) to be with the team.

Even when Chris returned to his clinic (Pulse Therapy) he was still able to provide tailored support, to each player and the support staff - showing great resolve and effectiveness across a significant geographical separation. He provided small videos to focus understanding, demonstrated key stretches (some never seen before), delivering effective prehab routines and constantly telling everyone to drink water and stay hydrated.

Once we establish what the ‘new normal’ looks like and we (British Army Rugby League) are able to play again, Chris’ name will be the first on the starting sheet."


Helen Hillman (December 2020):


"Went to see Chris with my 10 year old daughter who does competitive gymnastics. She had a nasty break to her arm several weeks earlier which had healed but left her with considerably reduced mobility in her elbow and wrist.


Chris has been absolutely fantastic. He knew exactly what the problem was and how to deal with it. Everything was explained clearly to us at all times and her physio plan was constantly updated by Chris as she gained more movement in her arm


I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Chris for what he has done - my daughter has full movement back in her arm and has been able to go back into full training at her gymnastics club.


What he has achieved with her in a few short weeks is nothing short of amazing, bearing in mind we wondered at some stages of her recovery if she would ever be able to compete again.


I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone who is in need of his expertise!"



Lee H (December 2020):


"I initially started to see Chris at Pulse Therapy as I was beginning PT sessions and I believed that some shoulder pain which I had been experiencing while doing certain weights would delay any progress in my strength training. Chris quickly identified muscular tightness and through our sessions I have been able to successfully build on strengthening my shoulders with less pain as the sessions progressed.


One unexpected bonus was that through greater shoulder flexibility I have been able to now swim front crawl with no pain which has improved my fitness...


In addition to my strength training I have had two long-standing pain issues have been with me for about 30 years. I have suffered with a bad back...through our sessions this has improved to the point where I am now pain-free for the first time in 3 decades.


I have also suffered with sciatic pain. Chris identified this as piriformis syndrome and at the time of writing this review I have not experienced any sciatic pain in about nine months.


I can completely recommend Pulse Therapy, whether you are looking to improve your flexibility for strength training or whether you experience long-term musculoskeletal discomfort. The sessions are carried out in a comfortable, cfriendly and professional environment."

Peter Biznar (October 2020):


"Magic men :) I was restricted in movement in my leg to the point where I could barely lift it up or move at all got sorted by Chris. Since my treatment I am following the exercise plan I have been given and haven't had any problems since. Really amazing. Thank you very much."

Ben Towler (September 2020):


"Can't thank Chris enough for the work he has done with me. After not playing sport for 6 years due to ACL knee injuries Chris has been able to guide me gradually back to sport! Would recommend to anyone, Brilliant."



Tracy Morris (September 2020):

"I went to Pulse because I was suffering with my knees. I found Chris to be brilliant. Really professional and thorough with his explanation. I was quite worried about the pain I was suffering and Chris reassured me he could help. After lots of tests, examinations and a massage I left feeling relaxed, reassured and pain free."



Stuart Pointon (September 2020):

"Got back into sport a good month earlier than expected. I've seen a few sports therapists over the years but Chris is someone who I'll see again if needed and would recommend him highly."



Stephen Mounce (September 2020):

"Amazing treatment, explains everything along the way and brilliant after care!"


Tony Wonnacott (February 2020):


"Went to see Chris after back surgery to help with scar tissue breakdown and some muscle tightening after the operation. After just three sessions I couldn't believe the difference with my overall mobility and the reduction in muscle tightness.

Continuing to work with Chris and back on the golf course very soon.


Thanks Chris great help and work."

Paul Griffin (October 2019):

"I drive 30 miles to get to Pulse because they provide the highest level of treatment. Specifically, Chris has fixed my knee, shoulder and neck issues. Excellent service, both on the treatment table and subsequent exercise routines. Top drawer!"

Hazel Smith (October 2019):

"I was finally forced to seek help for sciatica that was keeping me awake. Two sessions later and a 3 year problem has resolved.

Chris is knowledgeable, professional and above all gets results!"

Charles Easterbrook (October 2019):

"Chris at Pulse Therapy increased my mobility earlier this summer to assist my stamina for a sea kyaking trip, although I am in my late 70s. He has a nice consulting room, being very professional in his remedial treatments.

Recently he has treated me for strained muscles and ligaments in my right shoulder and upper arm incurred in a fall, being able to reduce the pain and quickly restore its mobility.

I would recommend Chris at Pulse Therapy to everyone with aches and strains and to those who would like to increase their mobility."

Dr Bruce Alexander (August 2019):

"Chris treated me for musculoskeletal discomfort in my neck and shoulders which arose as a result of a combination of poor basic posture and ergonomic strain. He was careful, thorough and professional in taking a detailed history and identifying and explaining to me the cause of my discomfort.

Subsequent treatment, exercise and rehabilitation plans including emailed exercise sheets and online videos were very helpful and successful in curing me of my discomfort after only two visits and now, if I feel the slightest twinge, it is only because I have not been diligent in doing what he advised me to do! I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Chris."

Fraser McEvoy (July 2019):

"I have been seeing Chris at Pulse on and off for about a year now concerning numerous different injuries, the main one being a hamstring tear.

As a 16 year old rugby player, playing and training usually everyday it is imperative that I take recovery seriously and take proper care of my injuries. Chris has played a huge role in this, making sure I'm game-ready whenever I need to be. Not only is Chris excellent in his profession, he is very professional- providing constant response to emails and easy to follow rehab plans.

Treatment at Pulse has been undoubtedly the best I've ever received. My pain relief and speedy recovery has been outstanding following my appointments at Pulse on top of my heavily increased mobility.

My experience at Pulse has without doubt helped not only to improve my game but also allow me to be fit and mobile for more time than ever before. I would highly recommend pulse to almost anyone who was debating therapy, especially sports players."

Nicola Pitman (July 2019):

"My son had a number of sessions with Chris at Pulse Therapy for a painful knee. His treatment was excellent. Chris spent time asking questions and examining his knee to establish the most appropriate treatment...Chris was always very thorough. At the start of each session he listened to my son to see how his knee was and changed the session appropriately. His knee is much better now and Chris does not pressurise you to do more sessions if they are not needed, you can book when you need to. Chris has excellent knowledge of muscles and bones."

Adrian Besser (May 2019):

"Chris Lander at Pulse Therapy is one of the best therapists I have seen. I had a shoulder injury that Chris worked on very gently and effectively, so much so I am back in the gym, working out with no problems.

Chris is a total professional and really knows how to work the body as well as being a thoroughly nice guy."

Carl and Connie Elesmore (April 2019):

"I found Pulse Therapy after an internet search looking for someone to address an injury to my elbow; I was looking for someone who was close to me and able to fit me in.

After my initial assessment and first treatment there was an improvement in my motion and also a reduction in pain.

I was so impressed by this I asked if there was anything Chris could do for my mother, as a result I made a booking for her to be assessed. During this assessment Chris worked gently on my Mum's wrist and arm which gave some improvement. During our sessions we have both seen a vast improvement.

If you are looking for improvement in mobility then we would definitely recommend having treatment at Pulse Therapy. If you are not sure there is something that could be done to help we can recommend you having a chat. I am sure there is something that could be done. I took my mother, unsure of what, if anything that could be done and she has seen a definite improvement to a long term injury.

It's great to get treatment that helps in a relaxed atmosphere with a thought on not causing pain, but gentle manipulation to give greater movement. We have both been very happy with the treatment and service provided." 


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