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Are you interested in trying a new activity, but don't know about the key

fitness requirements? Check out these free resources to help you

avoid pitfalls that could lead to injury and dampen your enthusiasm!

What is The Training Zone?

We aim to be hollistic in approach to health and well-being. With that in mind, Pulse Therapy is committed to providing information to support our community in understanding how to approach new and exciting activities whilst being mindful of key fitness components required to undertake the activity safely- maximising enjoyment and minimising the risk of injury.

Our wish is to "bulletproof" you against the pitfalls and common misconceptions that inexperience can breed. To do this, and to save you

trawling the internet, not knowing what is fact or fiction, we are writing blogs that include trustworthy links should you wish to delve a 

little deeper into a topic or an area that may peak your interest!

You will gain insight, support and signposting to further articles, depending on your level of interest or need. As a sports scientist, I will only publish evidence-based information or link to authors and establishments that I trust to ensure a factual representation of every topic is presented.

As you will see, Pulse Therapy caters for all ages, abilities and a wide range of activities; we are all about supporting our community and promoting a way of life that promotes our moral purpose: Movement, Performance and Pain-free Living.


Happy reading & if there are topics not yet covered that interest you, feel free to contact me on and share your suggestions.

Fitness For...

Thinking of trying a new activity, then check these out!

Nutrition BITES

Simple ideas to make a big difference depending on your activity and need

TOP Techniques

Great tips on training,

stretching and myth-busting

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