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What is the Sleep Doctor?

Our very own Sleep Doctor is a unique concept designed with the wrestless and weary in mind. Your massage appointment will be tailored to your every wish and will be as individual as you are! 

Each Pulse Therapy Sleep Doctor has trained for many hours to find the right techniques to help you get a restful nights sleep.

No matter what your work or life pattern, our Sleep Doctor has just the thing!

Have you been to see the Doctor yet?

Sleep is a fundamental component of human life. Deprived of it, our ability to function quickly deteriorates, and eventually crumbles. For all we often do in taking sleep for granted, it remains as critical to our survival as food and water, an essential aspect of daily living.

So, here at Pulse Therapy, we have come up with a new and intuitive service which puts back a little of what life takes out. We call it, the Sleep Doctor!

Welcome, to a restful nights sleep!

On arrival, choose your perfect massage options from your individual menu. Then let your Sleep Doctor do the rest!


Choose your scent

How would you like your treatment room to smell on arrival?

Warming Vanilla

Relaxing Lavender

Linen Crisp

Choose your oils

How would you like to feel during your massage treatment?

Warming Massage Milk

Wheatgerm Lavender Oil

Lemongrass Lotion

Choose your groove

What would you like to drift away to while you're with us?

Timeless Smooth

Soothing Classical

Mother Nature's Chorus

You might also like to consider:

Is the Sleep Doctor right for me?

Our Sleep Doctor treatments are available at any time of the day as we know you work busy and ever changing life schedules! However, it is best to plan your Sleep Doctor massage at a time roughly 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. After your treatment, head home, take a warm shower or bath then climb into bed and 'Zzz' the night away!

Our Sleep Doctor massage is 60mins long and will consist of long sweeping strokes to help the body eliminate toxins, firm pressure to ease tired muscles and oils or lotions to help repair. All your treatment elements can be completely adapted to your desired preference, including pressure. We can send you softly into slumber whilst you're with us, or wring out those troublesome aches. Either way, we aim to lengthen your sleep pattern and increase the depth of sleep.

Why not take advantage of the private health club facilities and use the steam room and sauna, or gently swim in our heated pool before and/or after your treatment? You can use lockers and showers to freshen up too!

Pulse Therapy guests can access the thermal suite and wet areas for a reduced entry cost of just £5.00. Ask a member of the Devon Hills Leisure team for a Pulse Therapy pass.

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