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Personal Training

What is personal training?

Personal training is a "one on one" physical training instruction session focussed on health and fitness designed with an individual approach that allows trainers to work with all levels of participants, be it high performance athletes, injury rehabilitation or the average person looking to enhance their workouts for maximum performance.

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Why choose Pulse Therapy for Personal Training?

Pulse Therapy has carefully selected a team of personal trainers who work with each patient on an individual basis, designing each workout around your specific needs, goals and abilities. Their high level of professionalism, injury specific knowledge and experience as clinical personal trainers ensures that your custom workout will take your strength, fitness and drive to a whole new level while providing safe and effective exercises to achieve your goals following discharge from rehab treatment.


Pulse Therapy trainers have the convenience of using Devon Hills' facilities; the dance studio, gym, swimming pool and extensive grounds. Devon Hills is a safe and open environment where everyone is welcome to train hard, try new things, have fun and most importantly learn how to create and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Pulse Therapy has selected our training team to care for our clients based on their continued commitment to patient rehabilitation, close working collaboration and patient- centred care. 



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